The power and versatility of cPanel

Developing and managing a website in the early days of the internet (the mid-1990s) could be quite a cumbersome process. Making admin-level changes to your site often required various calls to your web hosting company helpdesk. For the technically savvy this was, in a way, all part of an exciting challenge. But for site owners who just wanted to get their website up and running going through these various hoops was, at the very least, off-putting.

However, during the past decade or so, website management has come on in leaps and bounds.

The difference has been made by the arrival of software especially written to execute various website management tasks, and which runs easily within web browsers.

Should you choose website hosting by EUKHost it’s likely you will be using a highly efficient and popular brand of this web-based software, called cPanel. cPanel is short for “Control Panel”, which neatly sums up the button-based controls and switches available for managing your domain and website.

Once you have familiarised yourself with cPanel you will find that, combined with online tutorials that come with affordable website hosting from EUKHost, all your site managements needs will be catered for.

You will be able to create as many email boxes as you require for business or personal use. What’s more you can configure to filter spam as you wish. You will also be able to set passwords for these accounts within cPanel.
You can also take full advantage of advertising-free webmail.

Using cPanel with webs hosting by EUKHost you can upload files to your site, as well as delete files as required. What’s more you can create and manage ftp accounts for site publishing if you prefer.

Finally, you will be able to activate Front Page server extensions, which is very useful if your site was authored in Front Page software.

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