Why Scooters Aren’t Just for Kids

In most people’s minds, a scooter is either a motorised bike for adults, or a toy for children. However, visiting a scooter shop doesn’t have to be reserved for those looking for toys, but can also be very much for those with a taste for adventure.

Combining the types of tricks usually seen in BMXing or skateboarding, extreme scootering has caught on with many all around the world, offering a far more intense experience for many. From back flips and grinds to immense drop-ins on what is effectively an extremely small skateboard base, the thrill of performing such stunts is, for many, even better than performing tricks on a skateboard.

You may have noticed that your local or online skate store is stocking more and more of these items, and it shouldn’t really come as a surprise. From roller skates to bikes, it is usually only a matter of time before even the most delinquent of wheeled items starts to be used in extreme ways, and the same is now said for scooters.

The best scooter shop will stock a wide array of such scooters that can be used on the road and in the skate park as well as offering newer styles that are self moving rather than needing to be pushed.

The evolution of these ‘vehicles’ is still continuing with more and more of the newer models focussing on the ability to perform tricks in ever more outlandish and impressive ways. With such a sport still in its infancy, the ability to impress with such stunts will be far higher before the rest of the world has caught on to the great potential and follows suit. So next time you look at a skate shop, consider whether you want to get involved with a sport that is already performed by millions, or be a forerunner in one that will be.

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