Why Send Business Greeting Cards?

Christmas is a time to spread good will amongst men and send a message of love to those that we most care about. Hence the reason we send Christmas cards, to show that we are thinking of people and that we are getting involved at such a wonderful time.Right?

Well, it may seem cynical to say so, but Christmas is now mostly a commercial venture, and likewise, many Christmas cards are also about seizing commercial opportunities too. After all, a huge majority of people in this country who celebrate the birth of Jesus will actually have no interest in Him, and in many cases will not even believe in Him.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, and labels of hypocrisy should be left firmly at the door. After all, what is wrong with us all having a time that we put aside to share gifts, food and fun? The impetus may not even be that important.

So why do we send business Christmas cards? The most usual reason is as a marketing venture, and again this is something that shouldn’t be frowned upon, but instead taken for exactly what it is. Ultimately, people enjoy receiving greetings cards, no matter who they are from, and for businesses, business Christmas cards offer a chance to remind customers of your existence. Therefore, everyone wins.

Except, of course, the environment. With so many cards being sent at Christmas, a huge amount of natural resources are wasted. Which is why many businesses now choose to send corporate e cards at Christmas instead.

Corporate e cards have the same great benefits for companies and customers, ensuring that not only will businesses get their message across, but also that customers are offered something far more interesting, and all without any damage to the environment.So, even if it’s not for good will amongst men, sending cards can have benefits for everyone.

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