Sushi involved in celebration at Tatton Park

British cuisine has long been influenced by other nations. Indeed, the most popular dishes among consumers these days include things like Indian chicken tikka masala and Chinese sweet and sour pork. However, another style of food preparation that is increasingly making its impact felt is Japanese sushi.

Indeed, it is possible these days to get sushi delivery in London, showing the high level of demand for such offerings.
And the influence of Japanese cuisine extends beyond sushi delivery in the capital, as an ongoing celebration being held at Tatton Park illustrates. A series of events have been organised to mark the centenary of the estate’s Japanese garden and recently a group of youngsters got to sample sushi dishes while listening to Taiko drummers, the Knutsford Guardian reports.

One of the UK’s most complete historical estates, comprising a mansion, gardens, farm, old hall, deer park and speciality shops, Tatton Park is located in Cheshire. Normally, sushi delivery is not an option at the visitor attraction, but such food was put on especially for the festivities.

Commenting on the events, which will run until July 3rd, Tatton Park visitor economy manager Brendan Flanagan said: “Japanese gardens are like beautiful works of art. This celebration is a great way to mark the centenary of Tatton’s garden for the whole family.”

The garden was introduced to the park by the third Baron Egerton of Tatton, Alan de Tatton Egerton. He made the decision to introduce the concept to his grounds after being inspired by the Anglo-Japanese Exhibition at White City in London in 1910. However, during his time, there was no chance of enjoying a sushi delivery in London to go with the visual displays.
Now, the garden is considered to be the finest example of such a Japanese creation in the whole of Europe.

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