Property buyers struggling to meet asking prices

Many people want to achieve a fast house sale in Yorkshire and other areas of the UK. Whether they need to move to a new area for work or personal reasons or want to sell Yorkshire property in order to pay off debts, they often require the transactions to take place quickly.

However, new research suggests it may not be so easy to achieve this goal. According to figures released by Rightmove, potential buyers are often unable to meet the asking prices of residences, rendering them unable to purchase homes.

The firm claimed that sellers increased their asking prices by more than £4,000 in April. This brings the total rise since the start of this year to £13,000. However, estate agents said the imbalance between the asking prices and the level of expenditure consumers can afford when investing in abodes looks “misplaced” and they recommended that those looking to sell lower their prices.

Commenting on the issue, director of Rightmove Miles Shipside said: “With buyers still struggling to raise the necessary finance, the net result has been the biggest jump in unsold stock on agents’ books that we have recorded in nearly four years. While stock levels normally increase during the first half of the year, this is a larger increase than normal.”

He added that as the government’s austerity package begins to bite and with interest rate rises expected in the second half of the year, anyone serious about selling should look to price “more keenly”.Mr Shipside also advised people looking to achieve a fast house sale in Yorkshire and other areas to ensure they prepare and present their homes immaculately. He said this gives less reason for buyers to “squeeze” them on price.

The market has been volatile for those seeking to sell Yorkshire property and homes elsewhere around the country since the onset of the economic problems caused by the banking crisis.

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