More Ways to Enjoy Summer

When summer comes, the first thing most of us will consider is getting the sun cream on and heading to the beach. However, there is a lot more to Britain in the summer than its handful of attractive beaches, and in many ways the experience of enjoying the quieter areas of natural beauty that Britain has to offer will be far more rewarding.

Buying some camping equipment and heading off into the countryside can open up a whole number of possibilities that many of us might usually overlook. Whilst sun, sea and sand are indeed very inviting, the majority of us will have seen the same beaches time and time again. However, Britain has some of the most beautiful countryside areas in the world, with the Peak District through to Snowdonia offering breathtaking sights and experiences that many of us may never have seen at their best.

By putting on those walking boots and packing up the camping equipment, you may well be surprised just how much there is to do and see, all without it having to cost much at all. In fact, a countryside retreat in the hills or mountains of Britain could cost very little in comparison with a summer holiday abroad, and in some ways may be far more exciting and enjoyable.

Of course, everyone is going to be different, and the countryside may not hold everyone in thrall. However, even then, city breaks can offer far more than a trip to the beach. After all, the majority of the time we spend on the sand simply serves to offer us a lovely tan in places no one will really get to see. Walking around cities can offer the same chance to enjoy the sun but in a more edifying way.

So whether you put on those walking boots and head for the mountains or decide to find some hidden gems in some of our more beautiful cities, there is plenty to do once that sun comes out, and you may just find it is far more rewarding than falling asleep in litter strewn sand.

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