Keeping the Countryside Beautiful

Enjoying nature is one of the greatest things about living in an area with mile after mile of untouched countryside. For many,this also offers the opportunity to enjoy all such natural beauty by taking up a hobby that combines an activity they love doing and being able to enjoy all the countryside has to offer. Whether you enjoy sitting back with a pair of binoculars spotting birds of prey or prefer to examine what the night sky has to offer with various telescopes, it is important to remember just how lucky we are and make sure we take care of our countryside.

When you are out and about with those binoculars, it is important to remember the country code. Although the paths you are following may be public highways they often still cross land belonging to farmers, so make sure you shut all gates behind you and are careful about where you are walking. No matter how important setting those telescopes up in the right place is, ruining someone’s crops will end up not just ruining things for the farmer but also causing problems for those who want to enjoy such areas in the future.

It is also very important to make sure you take every last bit of rubbish with you and leave the spot exactly as you found it, as even the smallest piece of litter can cause great harm to the wildlife of the area.Paying attention to where you set your equipment up can also be very important, as if you settle down near an animal’s nest you risk greatly upsetting them, especially if there are young involved.

Looking after our countryside is easy, and more often than not simply a case of making sure you leave things in exactly the same state as you found them. Remembering to do the little things such as collecting litter and shutting gates means you and others can enjoy your hobby all the more.

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