Wildlife at Night

Many of us are keen nature lovers, and more and more people are buying equipment such as bird watching binoculars all the time to enjoy everything our countryside has to offer. However, one area that people are less aware of is the beauty that surrounds our wildlife at night.

The darkness hides some of the most magnificent sights that our wildlife has to offer, and a simple pair of night vision glasses is all that is between you and the discovery of these wonderful sights.

Many UK animals are nocturnal, meaning that the only chances you have to see them at their best are when darkness falls. And although sitting up all night in the freezing cold waiting for one small glance of a fox may seem a waste of time, the sights that can be seen more than make up for it.

Of course many people use the advantage of night vision cameras to help them watch over their gardens at night, meaning you can be tucked up in bed in the warmth and still see the night time goings on in all their glory.

Although there is no end to the beautiful creatures you can spot in the daytime with a good pair of bird watching binoculars, it has to be said that there is something special about seeing wildlife at night, especially when the creatures are completely unaware that you are watching and go about their routines undisturbed.

So why not set up camp in your garden one night and see what you can see? A good sleeping bag, flask of tea and a lot of patience are all that lie between you and some wonderful sights that many people are yet to see. Just remember to keep quiet, and you may be surprised to find out just what goes on once to sun goes down.

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