Having spare laptop power supplies can be very useful should yours stop working, allowing you to be able to continue to work without any of the hassle that can be thrown up by a dodgy power lead. However, there are actually better ways to ensure you don’t have to go without power.

There are a number of universal laptop chargers available that can not only offer you the chance to charge yours when and where you like, as well as offering those who visit your home or business the ability to the same, but should you have multiple laptops or change yours at any time you will also have a spare charger that will be compatible with all of them.

Universal laptop chargers very rarely cost much more than a normal laptop adapter and are therefore by far the most sensible choice, with many of the kits even coming with in-car adapters meaning that you are able to charge any laptop even as you drive.

Whether you choose to use normal laptop power supplies or universal ones, it is important to remember that laptops shouldn’t always be connected to the mains as this will serve to decrease the effectiveness of the battery. Whilst it is good to keep the battery charged, it is also wise to make sure you let it run on battery power for a good chunk of the time too so that the battery isn’t damaged.

Whilst many say that overcharging will kill the battery and others say that constantly letting it run down to zero before charging will serve to put the battery’s gauge out, the truth of the matter is that, eventually, all batteries will face the same fate sooner or later and no longer be able to hold any charge.

However, by trying to limit overcharging you should be able to increase its life, as well as giving those adapters some rest too and letting those last as long as possible as well.