Understanding Heating Needs

Different businesses will have vastly different heating needs. Those who heat a vast amount of water or have a huge building to heat will need different solutions to those who just need hot water sparingly, but quickly. Likewise, space constraints will play a big part in choosing the type of heating supplies and water heaters you ultimately need.

Understanding which water heaters are right should be fairly straightforward. For instance, for those who need hot water instantly and don’t want to have a boiler heating water constantly, a combi-boiler will heat the water at the mains meaning that you get hot water when you need it, without wasting energy or space with a vast water tank.

Ultimately, heating supplies in general will vary depending on your needs and knowing which boiler is going to be right for you should be as simple as a quick glance through the different types available.

Once you have chosen the right solution, it is also important to understand how best to care for your boiler too. Boilers have only a very finite life and can be expensive to replace, so understanding how best to look after it will make a big difference and will usually significantly increase its life span.

Using water softeners can be very beneficial for combi-boilers that are being used in areas with hard water whilst almost any boiler system will benefit from the use of chemical inhibitors to help prevent lime scale and corrosion. ‘Flushing’ the boiler can also make a big difference and can help cleanse the system. However, again, it is always worth understanding which steps will be best for the boiler you choose.

Understanding your individual heating needs, from the right boiler to the right maintenance can make the heating of your business cheaper all round, more efficient and far more effective too.

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