Beating Stress

Stress can cause us a great deal of problems both physically and mentally. Should you face a great deal of stress you are likely to be putting a huge amount of pressure on your heart as blood pressure rises, leading to all manner of ailments some of which can potentially be fatal. On top of this, stress can also lead to lack of sleep, which can compound both physical and mental problems, meaning that our bodies are less able to repair themselves whilst mentally we become more irritable and less able to focus. In turn, the lack of focus can lead to more problems arising, and a vicious circle developing where ultimately stress breeds more stress.

So how do you go about dealing with such anxiety? It seems easy enough to just say relax more, but this is not always practical. However, no matter how much or how little time you have, there are still certain ways that stress can be overcome. First of all, make sure that you actually put time aside to relax, rather than just hoping you will get chance to at some point. Simple things such as a massage or a long bath alone can help reduce stress dramatically. At such times try to ensure you wind down rather than dwelling on the source of the stress.

There are also techniques that can help overcome stress. These can be beneficial for almost everyone, but are even more so for those who have tried simple relaxation and found it to be unhelpful.EFT tapping is one approach that can massively reduce stress. EFT tapping involves using acupressure points to release energy and in turn help the body and mind become more focussed.

EFT training can not only help those looking to relieve stress themselves, but also those who can see stress effecting people around them, and those who undergo EFT training can use the techniques on both themselves and others (so long as they agree). Such a simple method can be hugely effective and combined with a good diet and plenty of sleep, you may be surprised just how quickly that stress can evaporate.

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