Can holographic projection benefit your business?

Holographic displays are no longer restricted to the world of sci-fi or with films like Star Wars. Using a holographic projector may have worked for Princess Leia and her pals to keep in touch, but these days it is much more realistic and affordable to use email (or even the telephone). So can a holographic projector still play a part in today’s business world? The answer, most certainly, is yes it can.

Holographic displays can be used by businesses of all sizes and from all sector backgrounds. If you want to impress a potential business client in an intimate meeting or want to wow guests at a business conference, using holographic displays may well give you the edge over other speakers. If you are attending a trade fair and want your company stall to stand out from competitors, using holograms may also help you attract potential business clients.

Although these images and displays may look very innovative and hi-tech that does not necessarily mean your business will be unable to afford them. Thanks to improvements and advancements in various technological fields, the price of holographic technology has been reduced. Combined with improvements in lasers, digital cameras and optional coding- this has helped more businesses, just like yours, invest in a projector. Indeed, some industry experts are even predicting that the price will keep falling as technological improvements may make the projectors more consumer friendly.

This technology will not only benefit a business in terms of providing visual documents at a presentation or fair however. There are clear uses for the projectors in the scientific and military sectors. Indeed, holographic technology may be very beneficial when used in scientific visualisation and in biomedical studies. Likewise, they may also be very useful when used in areas such as battlefield simulation or flight simulation for the military.

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