Do We Really Need Such Fancy Phones?

Today, our phones can do almost any task we want them to. Short of getting up and making us some tea and doing a spot of tidying, there is either an app or a general function for a huge wealth of different things. But do we really need phones to perform such functions, or are mobile phone companies simply cashing in on our love for such exuberant technology?

Many people can’t imagine being able to function without having a mobile phone. Apps and extras aside, even just the ability to stay in touch on the move has totally transformed our lives and made our memories of the days of going to call for people to see if they want to come out to play seem like stories of another world.

Such a regress is not just confined to mobiles either. After all, remember, there was a time when society functioned perfectly well without cars or central heating or indoor lavatories. Ultimately such things serve to enhance our world, and we become dependent on them as a result. The recent wave of applications for phones will, in time, serve to be just another such evolution that we can’t do without.

If you have been shying away from newer phones, reluctant to sell your mobile and eschew its humble ways, feeling they are just gimmicks, you may well be in line with the automobile naysayers who were suspicious of the rise of machines. And getting one doesn’t even have to cost the earth. When you recycle mobile phones you will no doubt have plenty of money as a result, and even the very best modern phones are available for very low prices when you join on contract.

When you sell your mobile or recycle mobile phones, you may well find that newer phones on the market don’t just offer gimmicks but serve to increase the functions of your life. And even if they don’t, you can always fire some apoplectic birds at some pixelated pigs.

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