The term “object’s a synonym of “the art” and a famous edition for interior design commerce or vulgarism of affectation. In the visual of arts a work of art is a physical two or three dimensional object that is professionally defined or popularly taken to fulfill a primarily independent functions. This kind of word is mostly used for the old things which are placed in museums etc.In context of larger art movement the singular art object is seen.this item can also be seen in the artist’s “body of work” or composition.

Rapid prototyping using addictive manufacturing technology for the regular manufacture of physical objects.In the year 1980s the first procedure for rapid prototyping become available and this is used to produce prototype parts and models.Nowadays these applications are used for much wider collection and are also used to making production quality parts in small numbers.The manufacturing of rapid prototyping take virtual designs from computer aided design (CAD) for use,convert them into thin,virtual,horizontal cross section and then make consecutive layer until the model is finished.

3D printers are normally faster,more reasonable and easy to use in comparison to other developing technologies.3D is a kind of additive manufacturing technology here three dimensional object is formed.3D printers offer the product developers the capacity to print parts and assembly made up of numerous items with different mechanical and physical properties in the single manufactured process.3D printer work with 3D computer file and constructing it into a sectional slices.From the year 2003 the selling price of 3D printer is become increased.

The Rapid prototype machine is invented in the year 1980’s.All rapid prototype uses many kind of method of addictive manufacturing.This is a method which is used to manufacture a part by adding overlapping layers of items to build an area after that it can start a solid model of an object.These files are converted into of two formats STL or SLC.this file convert into digital model inti a series of surface triangle in which rapid prototype device interpret and convert them into a solid model.

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