clear your myths regarding electric cigarette.

Is an Electronic Cigarette Dangerous? Electronic Cigarette dangers are far less than traditional cigarettes. An e-cigarette is devoid any of the toxic elements like Carbon Monoxide, Tar or Tobacco that are found in an actual cigarette and cause damage to the lungs. There is no yellowing of teeth or bad breath either. But there are a few Electronic Cigarette disadvantages that prevent health experts from recommending it to smokers. In Electronic Cigarette nicotine solution can be replaced with intoxicating drugs that can be very harmful for health. I can’t stand blogs posting as medical articles, read carefully the part about nicotine. Not one specific piece of real information, especially when many Dr’s say nicotine is addictive but doesn’t cause disease. And then contradicts at the end were through the whole blog talks about how these are dangerous and has cancer causing chemicals then at the end says no evidence has been shown that these cause cancer. And the part with the can be used to deliver liquid THC. a soda can could also deliver THC. Any pot smoker that ran out of contraband can tell you that. And the process to get liquid THC would make it improbable as well. You need to heat up the THC to it’s boiling temp and then distill it into another container, do you know how much pot you would need to make enough to fill a cart? Far more than would be worth it to this is another one of those blogs where you tell someone that icings not bad for you and they want to disagree because smoking is looked down on and then you go into a prove it match and the pull up this garbage and say… See …and in the end now everyone is wrong because no one can be proven otherwise.

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