Give a new meaning to life with electronic cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes or E cigarettes are the latest technology health marvels. Smoking causes a lot of health related diseases like lung cancer ,stroke ,heart diseases and so on and this cause loss of many working days in offices .It leads to various dental problems also. Eyesight is also affected. However, with the advent of Electronic Cigarettes life has a new meaning

Electronic Cigarettes is a electronic device which gives the user a feeling of smoking without the harmful effects of tobacco. Hence, there is no dangerous chemical and smoke entering you lungs and health system A person using Electronic Cigarettes will lead a disease free life, his stamina and jest for living will increase by leap and bounds. Since people recognize the fact that Electronic Cigarettes are harmless to the surroundings and are eco friendly and environment friendly ,you are permitted to smoke them in planes hotels ,bars ,casinos and public places. It has been proved that with the continuous use of Electronic Cigarettes ,many smokers have kicked the habit and have helped themselves and their families to lead a more satisfying life Electronic Cigarettes help the smoker save a lot of money by curbing his smoking expenses and the expense saved can greatly benefit the Smokers family by letting them lead a more happy and prosperous life.

For Example –A smoker buys 4 packets of cigarettes @Rs 40/ each per day-then his daily smoking expense will be Rs 40×4=Rs 160/, And his monthly expenditure on smoking will be Rs 160×30= Rs 4800 per month, And his yearly expenditure on smoking will be 4800x 12=Rs 57600/= per year, By using a Electronic Cigarettes the person gives up smoking and is thus able to save Rs 57,600/ which he uses for the benefit of his family. This illustration clearly explains the benefits of Electronic Cigarettes.

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