Smoker’s all over the world has been recognizing. that there are many ill effects of smoking . However the younger generation now a days smoke heavily and consider it as part of their social life. Once smoking is being started we cannot let it go easily. This also can be done for those who has been stressful they say that cigarettes relieve the stress

The Electronic Cigarette has been invented for the purpose of helping individual who are addicted to smoking or those who want to give up or quit smoking A smoker can disturb our environment or can cause illness for those who haven’t smoked in their life. This is also known as passive smoking. The Electronic Cigarette is a smokeless product which you cannot let anyone smell the smoke which you created. This product is excellent product since it does not cause pollution and you can also help in saving the mother earth Using of Electronic cigarette has been a big help for the smokers since they can use it all day long. without causing any harmful heath effects Smoking damages our lung and can cause cancer and various other diseases like heart disease .However ,with the use of electronic cigarettes ,these diseases can be avoided and people can lead a happy and contended life The electronic cigarette does not produce any combustion like the traditional cigarette. It is proved that by using Electronic Cigarettes ,the stamina and general health of a individual increases a lot. He feel more energetic and is filled with enthusiasm towards his work .His dental condition improves and there is no staining of his teeth

To sum up ,we would be pleased to conclude that the advent of Electronic Cigarette is definitely a boon to the health and welfare of the society

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