Smokeless Cigarettes

An Electronic Cigarette is a battery operated, rechargeable electronic device, that share the experience of smoking a real cigarette while removing the harsh smoke, and chemicals found in tobacco. Equipped with a small heater inside called an “atomizer”, the electronic cigarette works by rapidly heating a liquid nicotine solution into a tar free and odorless vapor. A micro-sensor inside the electronic cigarette senses every time you take a puff and the end of the e-cigarette will even light up just like a real cig would. The sensation of smoking an electronic cigarette is virtually identical to that of a real cigarette, including inhaling and exhaling visible smoke The electronic cigarette offers you the ability to smoke in your desired strength of nicotine ranging from high, medium, low and even no-nicotine. A variety of flavors are available including tobacco, menthol, cappuccino, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, apple, and cherry. The main features of the Electronic Cigarette the electronic cigarette is the fact that it never has to be lit because it operates automatically every time you puff. Therefore you will not need an ash tray or a lighter and you will not burn holes in your tapestry or clothing, or furniture. You can also enjoy the odor free atmosphere of the electronic cigarette and feel confident that your body and clothes will not smell like smoke. Therefore you will be more socially acceptable . Another advantage of the Electronic Cigarette is that you can smoke the Electronic Cigarette anywhere and everywhere .Also your teeth and hands will not be stained yellow. By using an Electronic Cigarette ,you can save a lot of money which you would have normally spent on smoking cigarettes and with this savings you can lead a more healthier and happier family life .

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