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Aico is a name of the UK domestic market which offers different varieties of good quality products which can detect heat and smoke. The company has offers for optical smoke detectors, heat alarms and ionization smoke alarms. Aico smoke alarms are very good in the range. Also good thing with a range of the products is that they are available with conventional batteries or a more than 10 year back-up technology. The brand has a unique RadioLINK system which makes it to leads in the field and provides for a perfect solution where a conventional, hard-wired system is not practical. The brand also manufactures a very admired range of battery and mains powered Carbon Monoxide alarms which also includes the extensive Firecap range of in tumescent fire and the sound protection covers also in the list are the fire protection sleeves for electrical services and also the vapor and thermal seals which are for loft voids. On the internet you can find a good collection of the company’s products. Security conscious companies are always in search for new ways to develop security techniques. Like the burglar alarm which is a very considered thing for these companies. ESP alarms is just some of the places that offer burglar alarm system. ESP has made such alarm systems that do something much more than a way to keep out undesirable public. They also perform as both fire and home management units. So it doesn’t have the disadvantages of a fire alarm if fire breaks out. Also the installation and set up is easy because of its being wire free. Having a wireless alarm system has many advantages with it. Firstly it closes the windows which can be used by the burglars for entering your place. Also they can cut the wires which are there to send warning alarms as there are no wires then you are free from this worry.

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