How to use an electronic cigarette?

Hands are thoroughly washed and then a clean cloth or towel is laid on a flat stable service that is easy to access. This is especially important if one chooses to fill blank cartridges versus using the pre-filled cartridges.

All the items from the Electronic cigarette kit are laid on the cloth, including the pack of pre-filled cartridges with 5 cartridges inside. Any additionally ordered items such as e-liquid, blank cartridges, or pre-filled cartridges of varying kinds may be included. If in case you are using blank cartridges to fill with e-liquids, you should make use of either a toothpick or at the least a 16-gauge syringe with needle, and also a pair of tweezers.

The battery is brought out. It is kept in such a position that the long cylindrical piece is to the front where it is easy to grasp along with an atomizer. One of the pre-filled cartridges is also taken out.

Now, the battery and the atomizer parts are picked up. The threads are so aligned that the two pieces should screw together without much force. Special attention should be paid and it should be seen that the items aren’t cross threaded.

The box with the pre-filled cartridges is opened. Each set of five pre-filled and blank cartridges come with a type of rubber covering at the end. The rubber stopper is removed from the cartridge. Make sure the fibers inside the cartridge are not pulled out so far as to allow them to touch the atomizer. The battery is held with the atomizer in one hand while pressing the pre-filled cartridge into the opening of the atomizer. Overdue pressure should not be applied. The cartridge is added to the battery and atomizer sections, already put together, by pressing the cartridge into place.

The Electronic cigarette is now ready for use.

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