How to refill an electronic cigarette using an e-liquid?

Smokers should be grateful to the technology for the invention of electronic cigarettes. These cigs can be easily refilled. Everything these days has been simplified. Now we have simple step-by-step instructions on replacing the filler material in your electronic cigarette. It is simple as well as easy. This will save a significant amount of money of yours by refilling your own cigarette, rather than purchasing refills.

The cartridge is removed from the atomizer. Then with the help of tweezers, the existing filler material from your cartridge is removed. The old filler material is then discarded.

From one sheet of Fluval material, the sheet is peeled in half length-wise. The Fluval is exactly twice as thick as it should be, so as you peel it in half, it will give you the perfect width.

Now, scissors are used and a rectangle piece of Fluval is cut from the sheet. It should be exactly as long as your cartridge, and exactly as wide.

The cut piece of Fluval is placed inside the tweezers tips so that the full length of the fluval is surrounded by the tweezers.

The tweezers are inserted with the attached fluval into the empty cartridge. Slowly the fluval is worked down with the tweezers.

Scissors are used, and excess fluval that is protruding above the top of the cart is cut. The fluval should be of the same level with the top of the cart.

You can now refill the cartridge with your favorite e-liquid. You must make sure that you use the white fluval material, rather than the yellowish sponge-like material. See to it that you don’t let the e-liquid come in contact withyour skin. To be on the safer side you can make use of a syringe.

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