Designing website for kids

Websites for kids require a different design aesthetic than they do for adults. Kids need bright, upbeat sites with large fonts and simple content. Web design for children requires easy usability and a lot of animation. If you follow a few simple rules when designing children’s websites, you can make a successful site that is entertaining and educational.

First, the color scheme for your website is chosen. Websites for kids should be brightly colored and upbeat. You will often find that the color schemes used for children could never be used for adult websites; however, it is these bright colors that draw children in and keep them entertained. Use a color-picking tool to help you choose colors and shades that complement each other well.

A happy, vibrant mood for your website should be created. A happy, positive focal point for your website should be chosen.

Large graphic elements should be designed. Design graphics with depth and layers. Incorporate outdoor scenes outside a window in a room scene, characters and visual elements that look three dimensional and realistic images because children like to lose themselves in a virtual world.

What action you want the child to take on your site should be decided, and then bold calls-to-action should be positioned throughout the design. If you want them to play certain games or sign up for a mailing list, you can have the talking characters encourage them to take action. Use simple language that is straight to the point.

Sound effects for your site should be created. A site with a talking navigation bar is made. This will help children who cannot yet read very well use the site.

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