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PHP is one of the most popular scripting languages for developing dynamic websites. PHP syntax is simple to learn, and can be embedded directly into HTML code. With PHP, you can create dynamic websites with fun, interactive tools and features. With free tools and tutorials, you can easily build stunning, dynamic websites using HTML, CSS and PHP.

You should first learn to hand-code HTML by completing the HTML tutorial linked in the Resources section. HTML is used to build the underlying structure of web pages. Hand-coding HTML will help you debug problems at the code level and allow you to learn from other websites by viewing the web page source.

Laying out and styling of your web page using CSS should be learnt by completing the CSS tutorial linked in the Resources section. With CSS, you will be able to change text fonts, add color and borders and control the layout of the elements on your web page. The layout of your page should be focused upon, and you can worry about fonts, colors, borders, and other stylistic enhancements later. Keeping your pages as simple as possible for now will make it easier for you to work through problems while learning PHP.

Writing in PHP should be learnt by completing the PHP tutorial linked in the Resources section. The PHP programming language lets you take your web pages from static to dynamic by adding functionality to your web pages, such as email, database connectivity and integration of information from external websites.

Your web pages should be dressed up using CSS. A background should be added, the font should be changed, the page should be splashed with color, and boxes should be dressed up and menus with borders and background color. You should also study websites that catch your eye, and learn design tricks by peeking at the HTML and CSS source.

A web design consists of many more such interesting ventures. You can learn or make use of them by browsing through web design UK.

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