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Adobe Photoshop is a computer software program that is used for editing and designing graphics, photos and logos. It can also be used as a logo creator. Photoshop was designed for beginners and is a fairly easy program to use. It is so easy that anyone who can navigate a computer can design their own logo using Photoshop. And once the logo is designed, Photoshop allows users to add effects and sharpen it up. In a website, logos are of utmost importance, creating a logo is not that difficult. For further such interesting things for the designing of your website, you can go through web design UK.

Adobe Photoshop is run and a new file is opened.

The tool of the shape that you wish to create from the Photoshop toolbox is selected. This will be the first layer in the Layers palette, and the first shape you create will provide the background to your logo.

The Type tool is selected and text is added. The text can consist of anything, right from your company name to a catchy slogan. Right now, what you want the logo to say should be typed. The text is the second layer in the palette.

The layers are then merged. Once your background shape and text are complete, you will need to merge them. This can be accomplished by dragging your cursor to the Layers menu and selecting Merge Visible. Your palette will now consist of one layer, i.e. the Background.

The layer is named by right-clicking on and selecting Layer from Background. Once the layer has been named, OK on the dialog box is clicked.

Your logo is styled by clicking the Layer menu and choosing Layer Style. From the Style menu, choose Bevel and Emboss is chosen to get started. The Structure settings are used to set the bevel and emboss to your desired look.

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