Makeover your home with battery fairy lights

Battery fairy lights are traditionally used on the Christmas tree or mantelpiece during the festive season, but it seems more and more of us are now taking a leaf out of many an interior designer’s book and using battery operated lights to add a little bit of interest to our homes.

It is true money is very tight for a lot of families and redecorating the home may not make it onto your list of priorities at the minute. However as battery fairy lights are so affordable and offer great value for money, they can provide the interior design magic you are after at a fraction of the price.

Although these lights can be bought at a very cheap price, they provide an expensive and sophisticated look to any home. As they come in all shapes, sizes and colours they can also be used in any room of the house from the kitchen to the bedroom.

If your daughter is obsessed with everything pink and girly, putting some pink fairy lights in her room will enhance the whole atmosphere of the room without having to spend a fortune of money buying new paint or curtains.

Battery operated lights can also be used in the living room to add a degree of warmth and create a lovely relaxed atmosphere in the evening. These lights can also be used to highlight beautiful features in the home too such as photographs, ornaments and vases.

Some lights can be very expensive to both buy and run, but as these lights are very cheap to buy and are operated by batteries, they will help save you a lot of money. As they are not plugged into a mains socket, you will pay for the electricity used to light them as you go along so there will be no nasty surprises lurking when receiving the electricity bill at the end of the month.

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