Nothing to lose with a claim on a no win no fee basis

Accidents at work can leave people with serious injuries as well as extremely traumatised. It is even more galling to find out that it could have been prevented. When the employer is at fault for not following safety regulations and procedures then the accident victim can bring a compensation claim. If the employer has failed in their moral and legal duty of care to provide safe systems of work as well as a safe environment to work in, then the employee has a strong legal case.

However, it is best not to try to bring this case alone. Employers have access to expert legal teams who will do everything in their power to protect their client. Which is why it pays to seek out legal representation to fight the case. And not get pushed around by heavyweight lawyers.

Now this might sound expensive, but when it comes to bringing a compensation claim many solicitors are prepared to work on a no win no fee basis. Which means no expensive up front legal fees. This allows people access to top lawyers in this field, like Express Solicitors for example.

They specialise in helping people who have had an accident at work get the compensation that they deserve. They work on a no win no fee basis so they don’t get paid unless they do their job properly. Which is a statement of confidence in the skills that their top legal team possess.

The team at Express Solicitors are friendly and approachable. Anyone who thinks that they might be entitled to compensation can get in touch for an informal chat. Express Solicitors will assess the case and advise if they can take it forward to attempt to secure compensation for the accident victim. There’s no risk to the client and everything to gain.

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