Why Recycle Old Printer Cartridges?

It cannot be denied that the world is becoming more computer friendly that it has ever been. Advances in technology and understanding means that companies word process the vast majority of their documents. It is the similar case for the education system as once hand-written homework assignments are being requested to be produced electronically and printed before being submitted. This reliance on computer generated documents means that it is no surprise that the number of printer cartridges used a year is huge. However, it is not the number of cartridges used that is the problem, but the number that are thrown away. In fact, the actual number of printer cartridges that are discarded every year totals at around three hundred million.

With the number of ink cartridges thrown away being so high, and still on the increase, many people have concerns about the effect this has upon the environment. It may not seem much for a single cartridge but collectively recycling ink cartridges is a very effective way to save energy and contributes towards a more environmentally friendly system. To produce a brand new cartridge it requires around three pounds of natural resources. With natural resources depleting all the time it makes little sense to just throw the ink cartridge away when they are easily reused and recycled. To recycle old printer cartridges it used far less energy. Individual ink cartridges only take up around three ounces of energy in comparison to manufacturing a new one. Also, the plastic container that is left over when the ink runs out is non-biodegradable meaning the number thrown away contributes greatly to filing up landfills which can also lead to pollution of water and soils under and around the sites. If more people recycled their ink cartridges, the lower cost of energy would make the price of the printer cartridges themselves fall too.

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