Protect Your Store within Crime Hotspots

While individuals within any area of the country can not, and should not, be stereotyped as a potential criminal, store owners still need to carry out the correct security procedures and have essential systems installed. Such establishments should always have security and protection at the forefront of their minds, irrespective of the figures each area brings up for crime rates within the government’s street-by-street crime map website established in 2011. Although the website congregates all individual forms of crime within the surrounding area of a postcode entered into the system, any home owner along with business and commercial proprietors should be aware of all criminal activity with particular attention required towards number of burglaries. The installation of CCTV systems is recommended for those who may be concerned by the level of security risk within their working area.

Given the concerning steep increase in shoplifting during the recession, it is somewhat understandable that CCTV has became an integral feature within stores in an effort to spot any potential thieves and prevent further crimes. Community support program Crime Stoppers revealed statistics which indicates that the economic downturn has led to a significant increase in violent attacks upon shop employees (22,000 reported incidents up to January 2010), in addition to a 20% increase in the value of retail goods stolen (recorded increase up to November 2009).

Considering that numerous individuals who own or work within a store are honest, hard-working people who are merely earning a living, CCTV systems become essential to their own protection in addition to products and merchandise. Strategic camera placements within the interior and exterior of a building can go a long way to establishing security measures to catch professional, amateur, or opportunist shoplifters.

In addition to ensuring working order is maintained by employees, using CCTV to record all transactions and actions within key areas of a store can promote peace of mind and provide vital security protection to work in alliance with the police to bring shoplifters to justice.

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