Shelving or Racking?

There may seem to be very little difference between racking and shelving, but there is actually a very important distinction between the two. The latter is simply a way of storing simple items to be attractively displayed or easily found. The former, however, is far more focussed on specifics.

Think of the word ‘rack’ itself. From wine rack to CD rack, a rack is very specific about what it holds and the way in which it holds it. Therefore, shelf racks are also going to be extremely focussed on exactly what they are doing.

There are likely to be many different types of storage racks, each specifically designed to do a certain job. However, paradoxically, there are also going to be more generic racks, but this doesn’t mean that these too don’t have specific purposes.

The majority of more general rack solutions are going to include heavy duty shelves, perfect for any industry that needs to store large or heavy items in an effective and safe manner. Whilst normal shelving is likely to be used for smaller and lighter items, heavy duty options will give you all the space you need without you having to worry about safety.

Therefore, knowing whether you need some form of heavy duty racks or just simple shelving can become fairly obvious. If you have something specific you need to store, there is a good chance you can find a rack designed perfectly for this function. However, if you just need to store numerous larger and heavier items, a more general heavy duty rack might be the answer.

So, unless you have small and light objects to store or display, always look for which racks are likely to be perfect for you. You might also be surprised at just how cheap getting specific can be.

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