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If there’s one thing you can guarantee when it comes to retailers, and manufacturers, and the products they sell, its change. They have to keep up with the latest technology and current trends/fashions, but do you wonder what happens to the discontinued stock from places like Denby?
Luckily, even though new collections are always coming on to the market, there is still demand for discontinued stock. Sales are made to both public and corporate clients, who want to replace items, add to their collections, or if they are hotels, restaurants, or theatre companies, they may be looking for specific pieces of period china.

If you want to buy Denby China, then you could get lucky at boot fairs, antique and collectable events, or antique retailers. You’ll also find the internet a useful research tool, and there are places that will specialise in discontinued items, often at reasonable prices. There are a few things you should look out for if you want to buy discontinued Denby though.

Apart from checking that the Denby items you want to buy are genuine, with the correct hallmarks, it’s worth researching the items/patterns you are interested in. Check to see if they were a popular design, as this will affect their current/future price, and also look for details on its condition. Places specialising in discontinued stock will usually have a grading system, where they rate any defects, and how severe/noticeable they are. These defects could include surface scratches, manufacturing blemishes, and normal wear, as many items are second hand. You should also try and buy a complete item (i.e base and lid) together, to ensure they fit well together. You never know, with all the contacts and resources at your disposal, you could soon be the proud owner of a sought after item of Denby China!

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