Finding the Best Foods for Your Kitten Or Puppy

If you haven’t owned a puppy or kitten before it can be difficult to decide which pet diet is best. Puppies and kittens do not have the same dietary requirements as dogs and cats, so you need to bear in mind your pet’s size, age and sensitivity.

Most pet food manufacturers produce foods for pets who are under 1 year old but they might lack the variety that can really be tailored to your pet. It is vital to consider skeletal development, muscular development and which foods will best maintain a healthy immune system.

If you are a dog lover and have a puppy, one of the most comprehensive food plans is Science Plan Puppy Health Development from Hill’s Pet. This pet food caters to all of your puppy’s needs and on top of being healthy, your pet will love it. This range is available in Large Breed Chicken dish a Medium Lamb and Rice dish.

Cat lovers should be aware that their kitten requires pet food with a good balance of sodium and phosphorus, because this ensures healthy organ development. The food also needs to be easily digestible and contain essential antioxidants for an ongoing healthy immune system. You can choose from Chicken, Tender Chicken Chunks, Tuna and a selection of poultry from Hill’s Pet for your new kitten.

Both the Science Plan Kitten Healthy Development and the counterpart for dogs from will give your furry loved one the best footing in life. The Science Plan stands above the competition because it is clinically proven to improve and maintain your pet’s immune system.

For both puppies and kittens it is important to make sure they have a fresh supply of water, particularly if the food they are eating is dry and crunchy. Having an insufficient source of renewed water is vital for healthy development and without it, you could be risking your pet’s health.

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