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Flowers have long been considered symbolic of love, but different varieties have their own symbolic meanings. When Kate Middleton walked down the aisle in April holding her beautiful bouquet, there was a significance to each bloom chosen for the Royal Family, her own family and for its meaning in the world of flowers. Her simple and understated bouquet contained Lily-of-the-Valley, Hyacinth, Sweet William and Myrtle, and was criticised by some for not being a traditionally extravagant affair.

Although normally synonymous with the month of May, Lily-of-the-Valley is a traditional wedding flower as it symbolises renewed happiness. After Kate and William’s slightly stormy waters earlier in their relationship, this flower shows how they are moving on together to happier times ahead.
Hyacinths, too, are associated with rebirth and might symbolise the renewal of their life together. For married couples, the white hyacinth used represents ‘loveliness’ and ‘constance’ – both essential ingredients. As well as being a tribute to her beau, the Sweet William flowers in the bouquet also represent gallantry. Ivy, too, was used as a symbol of fidelity.

And finally, Myrtle held the greatest significance for the Royal Family. As with every other Royal bride since Queen Victoria, stems used were from a tree which grew from cuttings from the queen’s own bridal bouquet.

Take the opportunity to remember your own special day by sending anniversary flowers to your other half. Keep the personal touch by choosing an arrangement which ties in with your own wedding selection, either in variety or in colour. Another idea might be to relate your choice of anniversary flowers to the traditional gift for that number of years. Of course, some years will be easier to match than others. The easiest, however, will be the gift for four years of marriage which, along with fruit and books, is… flowers!

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