How to Easily Replace Your Skate Wheels

If you are a serious skater, there are many other things which you will need to buy from the skate shop besides the skates themselves. A good skate shop will also provide a full range of protective equipment, such as knee and elbow pads, gloves and helmets. You may also wish to customise your skates through decorative wheels, toe stops and laces.

As with any other kinds of wheels, frequent use will wear away those on your roller or inline skates, particularly if you frequently visit uneven terrains or skate at high speeds. It you feel that your speed has significantly slowed down or your wheels look visibly worn, then it is a good idea to replace your wheels. This can be done yourself without too much hassle and replacement wheels can easily be bought from a UK skate shop like

First, you will need an Allen key to remove the bolts which hold the front wheel in place before then removing this wheel. Next, take the bearings and spacer out of the wheel and put them into the new wheel, which you then place back onto the wheel frame before tightening the axle again with the Allen key. A quick spin of the wheel will determine whether you have fit the wheel properly. If it spins easily then you’re good to go, but if it feels stiff you will need to loosen the axle slightly, or if it wobbles you will need to tighten. Now, just repeat the process with the other wheels and your skates will be like new again.

UK skate shop have a variety of wheels available in different colours, including clear and pink ones with flashing lights! Most are delivered within three to five days, but next day delivery is available in some cases.

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