How to Save Money on Running a Car

There is no doubt about it, a car is an expensive commodity to have from the word go. From the initial outlay to the day-to-day running costs to the repairs and MOT and service, you can be sure you will constantly need to dig deep in order to afford one. However, for some people, not having a car is simply not an option. So many jobs and schools are not on public transport routes, or the time and money required to use public transport is far greater than using your car. There are, however, several ways you can save money.

* Get your fuel at the cheaper service stations. It stands to reason that fuel is one of the most expensive elements of owning a car. There are great fuel comparison tools available on the Internet if you’re not sure where your cheapest is.

* Go slower or ease off the accelerator. The chances are, even by setting off quickly you’ll only arrive at the traffic lights at the same time as everyone else anyway. Remember the tortoise and the hare!

* Only use air conditioning if you really need it – which isn’t too often in the UK! Using air con adds to your fuel consumption by a little every time, and it all adds up!

* Get your MOT and service done by an independent garage. An independent car service is generally much cheaper than going to a franchised car dealer, because their overheads are much less. If you don’t know of one already, finding an independent garage for your car service can be tricky because you don’t know who to trust. Ebeepbeep are an online booking agent with over 850 trusted independent garages to choose from, all of which belong to national industry networks and offer a full 12 months warranty on all parts and labour.

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