Are Corporate Greeting Cards Important?

Business Christmas cards are sent by companies all over the globe on a mass scale during the festive season. But do such cards really have any impact on customers, and will the large number falling through people’s letterboxes year after year simply end up cancelling each other out?

Well, whilst sending business Christmas cards is common practice, the chances of numerous cards falling through everyone’s doors are still quite slim, with the majority of people only receiving a handful each year. After all, every business will only be targeting so many people and therefore, in most instances, people will actually be thankful for receiving them and not annoyed by having another piece of what could otherwise be seen as junk mail.

However, the effect they have for the amount of money they cost cannot always be quantified. On top of this, being just another Christmas card in amongst dozens or hundreds from friends and family may see yours becoming lost and forgotten about. Therefore, if you want them to have impact, they need to stand out.

By sending corporate Christmas e cards instead of physical cards you can not only save a great deal of money but also make sure that your card has a chance of actually standing out and being different. On top of this, corporate Christmas e cards can also have links attached to help you see if people really are paying attention to them, as well as allowing you to extol your ‘green’ virtues as a business at the same time

So, sending such cards might not seem integral to a business, but there are ways to make it cheap, easy and effective, whilst also helping you ensure that other businesses aren’t getting ahead by being remembered instead of you. It is not sending one that matters, but instead how you send it.

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