Scooters are great for kids

Skating takes many different forms. Some people like to hit the ice down at their local rink, others like to get the roller blades out and get down to the local park on a nice sunny day. Others enjoy the thrill of skateboarding. A new generation of skate parks has sprung up and kids and adults alike try new moves and tricks on the ramps and the halfpipes.

Now for most little ones this is all a bit too advanced. They don’t have the coordination or the confidence just yet to tackle this kind of skating. But there is perfect solution for them as they find their feet – the scooter. Scooters are in fashion again. They’ve had a revamp and a makeover and kids are getting into extreme scootering in a big way. They are easier to get to grips with and much safer, making them ideal for children.

Skates have set up their very own dedicated scooter shop, so parents can find scooters and helmets at great prices and all in one place. As part of their overall skate shop, customers can find the same great deals on scooters as they can on everything else. Kids can be fussy. They want their scooters to be exactly right, with the right colours and designs. Just like the ones their friends have.

The Skates scooter shop has the biggest choice of any store in the UK, so finding the right scooter just isn’t a problem. The prices are competitive and for anyone who doesn’t live near a store, there’s an online shop for added convenience. Customers can order with a credit or debit card and have their goods and items delivered direct to their door. Either way, getting kids started with their first scooter is easy, not to mention great value too.

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