Windswept wedding day for one couple

Couples tend to put a lot of planning into their weddings. These days, this often involves making use of e wedding invitations, save the date e cards and so on. Then of course there are issues such as venue hire to arrange, as well as outfits, accommodation, entertainment, food and drink and much more.

Indeed, many people feel as though they have control over every last element of their nuptial ceremonies by the time their big days come around. However, as one recent incident shows, it is impossible to completely hold sway over such unions.

Last month, Marc and Janina Leibowitz tied the knot in Pittsfield, Vermont. They had a perfect day when exchanging vows but the next morning they awoke to discover that the river in front of their cottage was washing away the only road leading out of town, the Daily Mail reports. They were experiencing some of the after effects of hurricane Irene.

This weather event was a large Atlantic hurricane that left extensive damage in its path through the Caribbean and along the east coast of the US.

The pair managed to get out over a bridge, but this subsequently collapsed, leaving many guests behind at the inn. Soon, the bridal cottage was soon under five feet of water. In the drama, at least 12 people had to be airlifted away by helicopter.

One of those caught up in the event was 38-year-old Scott Redler. He said: “The town was in really, really bad shape. It was its own island, where you couldn’t get anything in and couldn’t get anything out. Houses were washed away.”

The newlyweds had planned to head off on a honeymoon to Hawaii but this was delayed because getting out of the area was impossible.

Of course, when couples are planning their big days and are busy sending out their e wedding invitations, save the date e cards and so on, they should not be too worried about being caught up in similar situations. Such circumstances are extremely rare.

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