Facilitating UK based payroll solutions for global multinationals

Particularly since technology has completely transformed the ways in which people conduct business, there has been a tremendous upsurge in the number of businesses who have harnessed the potential to go global. They can reap a multitude of rewards by registering offices as many or a few countries as they wish to. The worldwide marketplace is there to be tapped in to and many overseas businesses have opted to add UK employees and offices to their multinational portfolios.

Due to the geographical distances, UK legalities and, in some cases, language barriers, many overseas businesses deciding to get the ball rolling in the UK enlist outsourced UK based HR payroll providers. Such HR and payroll companies bring a variety of practical benefits to the tables of business owners abroad. They bridge the miles by directly undertaking the recruitment process on behalf of employers who are not based in the UK. Furthermore, they have expertise and experience in providing non native employers with accurate, legal and timely payroll solutions and HMRC compliance.

Payroll companies offering multinational services prepare accurate UK payrolls for overseas employers, including the establishment and maintenance of required reporting systems that fully detail the likes of pensions and tax deductions. Furthermore, if overseas based businesses have UK bank accounts, payroll services can undertake BACS payments to staff and HMRC liabilities directly. This results in substantial time and money savings to HR payroll professionals who may not have previously been responsible for employing staff in the UK.

At Moorepay, our specialist multinational payroll team has time served experience in handling UK payrolls on behalf of employers based in a variety of countries across the globe. Besides England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, we additionally offer the same expert services to overseas employers setting up offices in Guernsey, the Irish Republic, the Isle of Mann and Jersey.

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