Football coach has introduced yoga classes

Yoga is a popular activity among people in many countries around the world. However, footballers are not generally associated with the discipline. But a group of such sportsmen have been donning their yoga clothes and doing getting stuck into the fitness pursuit.

Goalkeeping coach at Reading FC Sal Bibbo has introduced yoga classes to help keep goalies at the team stay in shape, getreading reports.

The sessions are held weekly and the coach thinks there will be many long-term benefits associated with the new programme. Luckily for the players, and for anyone else keen to get involved in the discipline, it is now easier than ever before to source superb yoga wear and often it pays off to head online to buy the items.

It seems as though Bibbo’s idea has been well received. Adam Federici, Alex McCarthy and Mikkel Andersen are said to be enjoying their classes so much that they want to book extra ones.

Speaking to getreading, Bibbo said: “We do yoga to improve the flexibility and agility of the goalkeepers. They’re big guys, ranging from 6ft 3ins to 6ft 5ins, and it’s important that they give their body every opportunity to perform at the highest level.

“We’ve got a really good teacher, Laura, who comes in on Thursdays and we’re considering taking it to two sessions a week as the guys are really enjoying it. It’s something new for them and something they’re embracing.”

And it turns out that Bibbo may wish he had had the chance to don yoga clothing when he was a little younger. He remarked: “I would have loved to have done it during my playing days.”

He also noted that training is much more measured these days and many footballers may get the chance to play until the age of 40 and even beyond.

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