What to look for in a mailing house

Great differences can be seen between mailing houses with regard to size, experience, capabilities, credentials, quality, direct mail services offered, postage rates and fulfilment prices. Our advice would be that you always visit the mailing house that you are contemplating doing business with.

First of all, you should ask whether they have the mailing house capabilities that you need. As part of this, you should ask if they have the capacity to handle your direct mailings, including in the case of an expansion in your volume of direct mail. Also ask whether their mailing houses have a documented quality policy, and what their account management structure is, including the extent to which it is proactive, reactive, reliable, accessible, approachable and professional.  Ask, too, whether they have the same account management structure at all of their mailing houses.

You may also want to know whether there is provision of maximum postage rates discounts for all of your mailing types. Consider what direct mailing services they can handle, and whether they provide value added services in addition to mail fulfilment services. You will want to know about the exact postal services that they can offer you, for example whether they offer a wide range of UK postal services and UK postage rates, and whether they also provide discounted postal prices for packet mailing services and courier services. Also consider their level of experience at providing mailing fulfilment services and UK and international postal services. You may also want to consider where they are located, including local road links and even the links that the mail house has with print and postal partners across the world.

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