Oak Worktops

Oak worktops and walnut worktops or other variations of wood provide high quality surfaces kitchen or bathroom worktops. Solid oak worktops and walnut worktops look great and blend in any kitchen whether the home is modern, contemporary or traditional as the solid oak worktops and its natural features are timeless. Oak worktops are made from a material which looks modern and up-to-date even years after the modern age materials become out-dated. Oak worktops are heavy duty and should be able to take more weight than laminate worktops and if oak worktops are well maintained they will last for years without losing its original condition. Oak worktops could gain character throughout the years where the colour becomes richer and darker as opposed to other materials which could look shabby and dated over the years. Solid oak worktops and walnut worktops have the benefit of being made of solid wood throughout therefore if the surface of the oak worktops are scratched and damaged, you can easily return it to its former state by sanding away the first layer of the oak worktops to reveal a brand new surface. Oak worktops and walnut worktops are easy to maintain with popular surface treatment of either oiling or varnish. Brand new oak worktops surfaces are normally sanded to a smooth finish therefore they will need a surface treatment to make it more durable and longer lasting to keep it in top condition through the years of wear and tear. Using oil as a surface treatment adds depth and colour to the oak worktops, is easy to apply and resurface and gives the oak worktops a water resistant finish. New oak worktops require at least two coats of oil to all sides regardless of whether they will be visible to ensure all surfaces are kept in good condition. Extra oil is applied on the top and front of the oak worktops by spreading the oil in the direction of the grain. Each coat must be left to dry for 15 minutes and reapplied until the cloth is gliding effortlessly across the oak worktops. It is important to re-oil the oak worktops frequently to ensure the oiled finish to maintained for durability and remain water resistant. Regular oil treatment will keep the oak worktops looking newer for longer.

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