Causes of Industrial Deafness Claims

Every year in the UK thousands there are many of industrial deafness claims are made by people against their employers.

Claims come from a wide variety of different sectors including call centres, call centres, factories and construction industries.

Industrial deafness claims can be made for temporary or and permanent hearing loss, or through for being subjected to particularly loud one-off noises which result in a perforated eardrum such as explosions and gunfire.

Tinnitus is another common hearing condition people can get develop in the workplace but this condition on its own is not enough to form the basis of an industrial deafness claim.

Keep Keep rRreadinging below to find out some common causes of industrial deafness claims.

” Continuous exposure to high noise levels

Working in the same place place environment with the same machinery or equipment day- in day- out can couldha haveve a long- term impact on your hearing. Many industrial deafness claims are made as a result of being exposed to slightly higher than safe noise levels on a continuously basis continuously for a a long periods of time.

For example, you may work in a factory using a guillotine for cutting metal. If the noise levels emitted are above the safe limits and your protective equipment isn’t suitable, then industrial deafness could be a problem in the future.

” Lack of proper equipment to protect your ears

All employers have a duty to provide their employees with proper ear protection in the workplace under the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.

If you’re not given the right equipment or it’s not replaced when it needs to be, you could be exposed to dangerous noise levels which could lead to you looking into industrial deafness claims at some point in the future.

Employees should be encouraged to speak to their bosses if they have any concerns about noise levels or protective equipment in the workplace. Failing to speak up could cost you your hearing in later life.

” One-off very loud noises

Whether it”s high-pitched feedback on a telephone headset or an explosion at a quarry, very loud one-off noises can cause severe damage to people’speople’s your hearing.

Acoustic trauma as it’s commonly referred to, is cited in many industrial deafness claims as the cause of temporary or permanent hearing loss.

Employers have a duty to protect the hearing of their employees as part of their overall health and safety policy. Sometimes, a loud noise can be unexpected, but if your hearing suffers as a result, why shouldn’t you make an industrial deafness claim if it wasn’t your fault?

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