Finding authentic Highland Wear

Highland wear refers to garments and accessories of Scottish origin. Scotland is often referred to as the highlands so this where the name highland wear came from. Most highland wear is from past times and past traditions but many Scottish people are keen to carry on these traditions and keep highland wear alive for the future. The most well-known piece of highland wear is the kilt. The kilt is not really worn day to day by men anymore but it often a popular choice for Scottish men who are getting married. Kilts are also worn as part of many Scottish festival celebrations and for other special occasions such as dinner dances and sporting events. The fabric of highland wear such as kilts is chosen based on your surname as there are many different tartan patterns that represent different Scottish surnames. Highland wear looks smart and eye catching and is sure to get you plenty of attention.

There are many other pieces of highland wear. These include ladies wear such as kilted skirts, ponchos and jackets in tartan designs, men’s wear including waistcoats, trousers, shorts, jackets, sporrans, ties and socks in both tartan and plain patterns. Most retailers of Scottish highland wear will only use fabrics supplied by Scottish woollen mills and they will employ people who have been trained in Scottish colleges for kilt making. Sporrans are another key item of highland wear. They were designed to keep things in as unlike trousers a kilt had no pockets and men needed somewhere to keep their bits and pieces. There are many different sporran deigns to choose from for different occasions and they come in range of shapes, sizes and materials.

Scottish gifts are a lovey idea for presents for special occasions and the majority of Scottish gifts such as Celtic wall plaques, toasting Quaich, utensils, hip flasks and other accessories will have been made in Scotland by skilled Scottish craft folk. There is a wide variety of Scottish gifts to suit all budgets and all ages so you should easily be able to find suitable Scottish gifts for whoever you want to buy for.

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