Plinth Lights

With over four years experience supplying plinth lights, and other high quality LED lights for every area of the home, Seal Designs can provide you with superior lighting solutions to illuminate your home.

As a customer-focussed business we take pride in not only meeting but, exceeding your expectations wherever possible. Our aim is to supply attractive, stylish and visually enchanting lighting solutions that promote both individuality and functionality. We never compromise on durability, levels of service or quality and feel that every one of our products, from our plinth lights to our driveway illumination solutions, offer some of the most effective and stylish lighting solutions around.

Our LED plinth lights can be supplied in a diverse number of colours and shades and are perfect for any indoor, decking or outdoor environment. Each of these plinth lights contains fifteen low voltage LED bulbs, a plug-in transformer, junction box and cables. They offer a subtle lighting effect and are all IP66 rated which means that they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor application. Similarly easy to install and cost-effective, priced at just sixty nine pounds and ninety nine pence, these plinth lights really are a must for any homeowner.

If, however you don’t require any of our plinth lights then we’re also able to supply a number of different lighting solutions for your home. Our driveway lights offer the same durability and quality as our plinth lights and are a great way to illuminate the ground if you’re attempting to park on a particularly foggy night. Providing a subtle lighting effect and safe to the touch, these driveway lights are available in a number of different colours which allow you to truly personalise your driveway.

For more information on the range of plinth lights that we offer, or to view other examples of our illuminating range of products then come and visit us online at:

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