Electrical equipment is used by almost all businesses in one way or another. Whilst electrical items have made our lives a great deal easier in almost every single way, they have also served to offer potential dangers, and dangers which can often go ignored.

Electrical equipment is one of the biggest causes of fires within any workplace or home, and whilst the majority of people consider that electrocution is likely to be the biggest danger when it comes to using damaged or faulty electrical equipment, fire can be even more likely and even more serious.

Portable Appliance Testing is something that all businesses will need to carry out on their electrical equipment. It is a form of electrical testing that focuses on any item that is not a fixed part of an office and as such even larger items such as servers and computers will need to be tested.

Whilst there is no specific law governing the regularity of such electrical testing, the law simply states that companies take reasonable steps to maintain electrical equipment. This means that, should an incident occur, you could well be liable to legal issues if you have not had such equipment tested regularly.

However, Portable Appliance Testing is not just about adhering to the law. Whilst such testing will keep your staff far safer, certain damage may also easily go missed and regular testing will help you to ensure that repairs can be made in a timely manner rather than costly replacements being needed. Those who use their electrical equipment in external venues are also likely to need to have their equipment PAT tested before they are allowed on many premises.

So, ultimately, there are many reasons that businesses are likely to need PAT testing for their electrical equipment, and in the long run it is likely to not just keep you safe, but also help you avoid hassle and even save money.