When Best to Visit Kenya

When it comes to choosing safari holidays, it is important to think about if you have any preference over which African country you might want to visit as this will impact on when is the best time to visit. Since an African safari is all about seeing the animals in their natural environment, the best time to go is obviously when the animals are going to be easiest to find. Because of its size, different countries in Africa experience the different seasons at different times, so if you have a limited window when you can go, it is worth doing some research first to see which will be the best place to visit.

Kenya safaris are best timed to coincide with the annual migration to the Maasai Mara National Reserve, when millions of wildebeest, zebra and gnus (along with their predators) make their way to this area in the southwest of the country. If you wish to see this, the best time to visit would be between July and October, the coldest season. Another good time for visiting other areas of Kenya is from January to March, the other dry season and also the hottest season. Kenya has over 40 parks and game reserves to visit, but the Masaai Mara is the most famous and considered by some to be the best for safari because of the migrating animals that come here.

Because these times of year are dry seasons for Kenya, you will be more likely to find animals gathering in larger numbers wherever there is a permanent water supply, such as at rivers or lakes. It is also easier for you to view these animals from a safe distance at these times of year because the vegetation is not as lush as it might be the rest of the year.

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