Every workplace needs first aiders

Listening to the health and safety backlash in the reactionary press anyone would think that accidents never happen in the workplace. The reality though is very different. Far too many people are still injured in preventable incidents in workplaces up and down the country. First aid can make all the difference when things go wrong. Trained first aiders have the skills and know how to make the situation better either by treating the unfortunate person or by making them more comfortable until paramedics arrive.

Every workplace needs trained first aiders so they need to find out about first aid training courses in the area. Training first aiders up is a legal requirement and they can help prevent major health and safety incidents. So investing in first aid courses is not only required to comply with the law, but helps maintain a happy, safe and healthy workplace.

The Safety First Aid Group are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of first aid training. Over the years they’ve helped thousands of people obtain the skills that they need to help their colleagues in the event of an accident or incident. They offer both public scheduled courses and on site training for any organisation with larger numbers to train. Thanks to their first aid courses the UK’s workplaces are that bit safer. It’s impossible to predict when those skills will come in useful, but when incidents do occur it’s reassuring for co-workers to know that trained staff are nearby to intervene and manage the situation.

The focus of these courses includes plenty of practical work to put theory into action. Attendees come away with recognised and accredited qualifications that will serve them well wherever they work. It’s great to have these skills and knowledge. Who knows, one day they could make all the difference.

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