Decorating a Christmas Tree

Many people find decorating a Christmas tree difficult and stressful. However, it doesn’t have to be, especially if the various decorations are put on in the correct order, i.e. lights first; tinsel second; ornaments last.


Ideally, Christmas lights should be checked while they are still in the box. When putting fairy lights on a tree, start at the bottom and wrap them around every second branch from the trunk out and then back to the trunk. Always keep to the manufacturer’s guidelines and adhere to the recommended amounts when arranging several strands of lights together. LED lights can often be a good option as they allow many more strands to be strung together.


Nothing brings magic and sparkle to a Christmas tree quite like tinsel. The best way to arrange it on a tree is to individually cover branches then go back and put another layer that criss-crosses the first, as this will create different layers of either the same colours or multi-colours. Glittery tinsel wrapped around the trunk of the tree, along with some small mirrored pieces can help to give a tree a really sparkly look. The mirrored pieces work best when they are positioned to reflect the lights.


As well as being placed on the tips of the tree branches, ornaments should also be put ‘inside’ the tree to add depth and interest. Begin by arranging ‘filler’ ornaments such as baubles evenly around the tree. Baubles are available in a wide range of colours so they can be used to compliment practically all kinds of themes and decorating schemes. Special ornaments such as those made by children should be put on last of all as this will ensure that they get pride of place.

Three easy steps to decorate a Christmas tree – simple

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