A Little about Wilier Bikes

Wilier bikes have been around for well over one hundred years, originating in Italy back at the start of the 20th century. Wilier bikes are famous the world over for producing racing bikes, trial bikes and now mountain bikes of great quality with a level of craftsmanship that is distinctly Italian. Indeed, Wilier are passionate about their bikes, not just for competitive riding, but also for only for recreational use as well.


There is a wide range of bikes available from Wilier these days, including the Zero7, Centoi, Centoi Supere Leggera and the Centoi Superleggera Racing model. Furthermore, there are also the Gran Turismo, Imperiale, Tri Crono and Izoard Xp to whet riders appetites even further. In addition, time trial enthusiasts have the Twinfoil and the Blade to salivate over, while recreational riders can enjoy the Toni Bevilacqua and the Citadella at their leisure. Of course, racers are suitably catered for in the shape of the elegantly advanced La Triestina.


As with most bike brands, Wilier also produce a wide range of accessories, chief of which are their handlebars. Indeed, Wilier provide three different varieties: the Piego FSA Gossamer, the Piega FSA Wing Pro Compact and the Piega FSA Plasma Integrata. Having a selection of high-quality accessories such as these can be very beneficial to riders as it enables them to adapt their bikes to produce a performance that is totally complimentary to their own individual preferences.

Regardless of whether they ride mountain bikes, road bikes or trial bikes; cycling is a passion for many people. Indeed, ardent cyclists not only want to ride in style, but also want to experience their passion on a bike that lets them fully express themselves. Thankfully, the uniquely stylish bikes that Wilier produce can enable them to do this perfectly.

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