Benefits of a Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning System

High level window cleaning has traditionally been a tricky, lengthy and expensive process. However, all this has changed as many commercial window cleaners now use the water fed pole window cleaning system.

How does it work?

This revolutionary ‘reach and wash’ system makes it possible for window cleaners to clean windows and cladding up to four or five storeys high with out having to leave the floor. It works by pumping pure water up through a carbon fibre or fibre glass pole on to a window which is then scrubbed, rinsed and left to dry naturally for a streak-free finish.


In the past, window cleaners used cleaning methods that were dependent on chemicals which often left behind a residue that allowed dirt to stick. However, because the water fed pole system is a chemical-free window cleaning system, it leaves nothing behind and therefore ensures windows stay cleaner for longer. Furthermore, because the water has been reduced to its natural state, it not only delivers greater dissolving power but also works out to be far more beneficial for the environment as well.

Safe & private

Because this method cleaning allows commercial window cleaners to keep their feet firmly on the ground at all times, window cleaning with a water fed pole window cleaning system is by far the safest possible method for cleaning windows. Similarly, it also ensures that the privacy of the occupants inside a building which is being cleaned is never compromised.


The water fed pole window cleaning system is a very cost-effective alternative to hydraulic platforms, abseil window cleaning or cradle window cleaning as it doesn’t require any costly scaffolding or hydraulic platforms to get the job done. Of course, this means that clients get a top-quality service at prices that are very competitive indeed.

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